goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

poem: 24 hour streetcar

24 hour streetcar

my first home in Toronto was with a boyfriend
in a trendy part of Queen West just around the
corner from my favourite park: Trinity Bellwoods.

i loved the lamp posts & drum circles and
the birds that would return at nightfall,
talk about their day, sleep in leafy trees.

& yes, i loved him but the building had lights
in the hallways that reminded me of a ship
- couples behind closed cabin doors, silent &

holding the other down, kissing as they drown.

starting over again, i washed up a block
from the boardwalk, a stroll to the lake.

i’ve stumbled to the water in moonlight,
stood on a stone pier with my back to the
Toronto skyline and listened to waves
swallow the shore in the dark.

i’ve been lonely before in other places: a
village, small town, a corn field at dusk.

i can hear the streetcar swoosh by on queen
from my bachelor flat 24 hours a day. there
is something grounding about a vehicle that
continues whether anyone rides along or not.

- adp, 13 July 2009 @ 9:55pm / edited: 03 August 2009, 12:12am
Tags: poetry & prose

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