goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

nice day for a parade

Wonder of all wonders, I've been playing outside more often lately. The other day I was sent home for not having my uniform. I'd washed all my work clothes the night before but left the bag by the door - I'm not used to morning shifts anymore. I left the house a bit later than I usually do but made it there with time to spare. I was feeling pretty good about myself, too. And then I went to my locker to get my uniform so that I could change. Instant doom. They couldn't have me work in jeans. That was the first time I've ever forgot my uniform. I suppose it was inevitable that it would happen eventually.

Forgot my clean work clothes by the door this morning. Sent home. D'oh!
10:23 AM Mar 15th from txt
The weather is gorgeous & I've got my camera so I may as well take a walk!
10:26 AM Mar 15th from txt
Picked a pear and mango in chinatown. Heading to Kensington Market to take pictures.
11:09 AM Mar 15th from txt
Hm. Not finding it that interesting. Might take long walk home instead - lots to take pics of along the way.
11:21 AM Mar 15th from txt
Stumbled upon St. Patrick's Day parade beginning place at College & St. George.
11:45 AM Mar 15th from txt
Parades remind me of walking in them with my dad as a kid. I think that's why I walk along beside parades instead of stand and watch.
12:17 PM Mar 15th from txt
Thing is, I didn't even know there was a parade today - just happened to turn that corner.
12:41 PM Mar 15th from txt

st. patrick's day parade
st. patrick's day parade
st. patrick's day parade
st. patrick's day parade

An hour and a half later I stopped following it and sat outside the sheraton centre facing nathan philips square. Caught the streetcar at the corner of Queen & Yonge to head back home and chatted with sexy streetcar driver. The day turned out to be pretty damn good.

* excluding this moment of realization, of course.
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