goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

first day @ the new place

I'm at my new apartment at The Beaches. It's almost like this place was made with me in mind, as if it had been waiting for me to get it together, to arrive.

It's five thirty in the evening and I just had my first shower here. I love the depth of the bathtub, the two medicine cabinets, even the latch on the little door. It's been painted so many times that the normal lock for it won't close so there's a hook instead that leaves a gap. I don't mind - I live alone and intend to separate the walkway to the bathroom from the rest of the apartment with one of those curtains made from clacky beads.

cats in windows

Earlier, when Bruce was still here after we moved my clothing & books that had accumulated at his house these past three months, he pointed out that there were cats in the windows across from me. See, I'd been somewhat sad that the cats would only have a brick wall to stare at but no! turns out they've a fantastic view. I lay on my shiny wood floor and watched pigeons swooping down and past, shadows of their wings splayed across the brick, their active flutterings. What Bruce pointed out was that there were cats across the way, watching the activity of the birds intently, the way the pigeons gather on top of the buildings (I'm on the third and highest floor) from a kitchen window and a living room. My two boys are going to love this! I don't think they've ever looked at other cats before or large birds so up close. And then there was the squirrel that was at the bird feeder across from my window - it had climbed up the drainpipe and along the wall.

pidgeons on the roof

Yes, this place is turning out to be fantastic. I feel so fortunate. So very lucky.

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