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Writer's Block: In the Event of a Zombie Emergency

Are you prepared for a zombie outbreak, or are you just going to wing it?

I've had dreams about this.

Seriously, for realz, no kidding, I mean it.

I'm not the only one to have dreams about this either, I know. In fact, early on when I first moved here, Cliff had one of his own. I was killed off in it.

I had a couple dreams about zombies after that (no, I didn't kill Cliff off in turn, but I don't recall him being in them anyway) and the dreams were pretty awesome, even if they were scary in their detail.

In 1968, George Romero re-imagined the zombie in his low-budget film, Night of the Living Dead. In the Romero films - and, indeed, in most subsequent zombie films - the dead are a sort of plague, spreading beyond control. In Night, they are resurrected by a nuclear spill (another great modern fear), and go in search of human flesh to eat. It’s quite a change from the original voodoo concept.

The zombies in the more recent 28 Days Later are the result of a biological disaster, as a germ kept in a laboratory is let loose by animal rights terrorists.

Biological contamination and nuclear radiation are both real modern fears. People don’t believe in vampires and werewolves anymore - we’re much too sophisticated for that. But nuclear accidents and biohazards are real possibilities.
- source: The History of Zombies

Before moving to Toronto, I watched a few zombie movies including Shaun of the Dead, Fido, 28 Days Later & 28 Weeks Later - I think the idea put forth in the '28' films are the most horrifying because the zombies are FAST. At least with the other ones, you have a bit of a chance to get away!

This Writer's Block question isn't too far-fetched, really, according to a Cracked article titled 5 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen. One of the reasons being that it's already happened.

Personally, when I have such vivid dreams that shake me up I try to find meaning in them. I usually keep that part in my head but it looks like people have asked the question online here & there. I'm not one for dream dictionaries because I think that dreams are pieces of puzzle and keys for locks to the doors of the inner self, not just something that can be explained by a book. And yet, I can't deny that there are universal themes in dreams and that when so many people do dream of the same things, how can there not be some related relevance? It's been said that horror films are connected to a conscious fear of the collective mind of the people during times of heightened anxiety. Still, I think it's up to the individual to decide how their zombie dream applies to them in relation to their own life, ya know?

That being said, of course I'm not prepared for a zombie outbreak. For one, at the moment I'm with someone who would have me dead if zombies showed up on the scene (according to his dream) so I haven't got a sidekick to battle the zombies with here. (Maybe that's another good reason for me to be moving?) Secondly, I'm living in a big city. Most everyone would be zombies in record time. Thirdly, sometimes I wonder if on some level we aren't already dealing with a zombie outbreak. If that is the case, I'm doing well considering.

Replying to the question, in the event of a zombie emergency, I'd completely freak out, then totally wing it.
Okay, so I have some ideas of what I would do but if I write them down here, it could lessen my chance of survival.
Also, I'd totally want to meet someone to have passionate sexin' with before they tragically become zombie'fied & I unfortunately have to kill them.

Cliff / 12:03
you were killed off in it?
I'm sure that's your memory
and not what actually happened
goldmourn / 12:03
You told me I was not in it!
Cliff / 12:03
doesn't mean you were killed
goldmourn / 12:03
So obviously I was dead if I was no longer by your side.
Cliff / 12:03
you always do this
goldmourn / 12:03
admit it. You let the zombies eat me.
Cliff / 12:03
write your own pieces of someone elses story to show yourself in a negative way
goldmourn / 12:04
this is totally going in my LJ.
I still think you had me killed off.
Cliff / 12:04
I didn't
goldmourn / 12:04
Why was I there and then not then?
Oooo! Foreshadowing!
Cliff / 12:04
It was a dream!
goldmourn / 12:04
because I'm here and soon I'll not!
Cliff / 12:04
Dreams aren't known for linear story telling
or nicely rounded plots
goldmourn / 12:05
I stand by my assumption.
Cliff / 12:05
That's all it is, an assumption.
What happens when you assume?
goldmourn / 12:05
You kill me off in a zombie dream.
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