goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

worst personality traits (continued)

Someone left a comment in response to this post about my worst personality traits. The I.P. is within a local area which means I have my guesses as to who it could be but I'm not certain whom. I don't even disagree with some of the things listed but I'm curious as to why they would say so many personal things and yet not leave their name. At least when I've spoken my mind, I've done without hiding.

(Anonymous) wrote:
May. 2nd, 2008 04:40 pm

also vanity, self deluded view of yourself as an artist, full of yourself, deceitful, talk too much, no sense of style, timing, your inability to have an original thought, immature, selfish, weak sense of humour, think you are more clever than you are, lame.

Does that help ?

This is a good time to bring back emo amber.
emo amber
* photoshop'd by gryffyn

I totally agree with:
* talk too much: I really do talk too much. Sometimes I have to beg those closest to me in conversation to talk fortheloveofgod because I don't want to hear myself anymore.
* no sense of style: never had it. grew up poor w/o cool clothes. never taught how to make my own. when i did have money coming in for a job, i spent the majority on music & books. never have i ever claimed to be fashionable.

I disagree with:
* vanity: I have serious self esteem issues, especially in relation to my body image. Just because I take photos of myself, that doesn't mean that I am...
* full of myself. As I explained for my self portraits collection on Flickr: "I am on a quest to accept and understand myself and part of this will be done with photographs. Why is it that we are often at war with our bodies? Why do we even attribute the term 'war' to the physical form that carries our very being? I want to develop to the point where I no longer punish my mind or abuse my body for what it is not, but embrace it for what it is."
* self deluded view of yourself as an artist: I have never claimed to be an artist. I don't even call myself a writer. Where have I said I am this? Or that?
* as for the rest: blah blah blah. You sound angry with me. Are you a jilted ex-admirer? A member of Mother's family? (I'm assuming you're not my mother because she does not visit me - my website nor my place of dwelling). Someone who wants me to pay attention to them? Maybe we could make-up and be friends.

In conclusion
Perhaps I'm all those things awful & more, but what does it reveal of yourself to state these things anonymously?

Sign your name to your flame.
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