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goldmourn: i'm reading a book about dreaming. ha. Not as cultured, i suppose.
Y! acquaintance: ahh dreams are the start of all
goldmourn: i enjoy dreams and reading books, not about the interpretation, but about dream work and learning to be more aware of how you can make yourself more aware in your waking life, etc etc etc
yeah, i enjoy jung's archetypal myth theories.
Y! acquaintance: so you have moved into control of your dreams?
goldmourn: Since I was a kid I've been lucid, a lot, though no achievement like an Oneironaut, ha.
But I do a lot of dream work from time to time and pay attention or eventually see the meanings.
Y! acquaintance: i can only see the dream myself then it goes to the third person
i want control
that is the key
goldmourn: I wouldn't want to have control every time I dream or else I would only be watching movies, and wouldn't be open to what I may need to tell myself, or learn, ya know? i can understand wanting the control though, at least in that place.
Y! acquaintance: never full control
goldmourn: Oneironaut's want that though.
Y! acquaintance: but realization of the dream state
goldmourn: complete control to make whatever they want to happen, and whoever to be in it, to be.
yes, that's lucid dreaming - realization that you are dreaming --- and then recall is great - if you can remember it --- but it's awesome to change what's going on in the dream, to work out different outcomes - easiest to do right before waking.
Y! acquaintance: yup i want lucid dreaming with a copy of campbell next to me to tell me what im doing
then some lucid awake time would be nice as well
goldmourn: yes, that'd be something - I am rarely lucid while I'm awake, ha! perhaps that's the trade off.
Y! acquaintance: oh it is
lately my dreams have been so amazingly revealing
and my days nonstop monotony
goldmourn: oh - i can relate to that... i've had times of that... where i just also wanted to sleep because it was so much more exciting. usually, the LESS i am doing in real life, the more exciting my dreams.
Y! acquaintance: yeah and its not just fantasy or escapism --at least for my experience its actual solutions to my problems and damn that sounds so corporate bullshit but
goldmourn: no, that definitely can work.
If you have a question or problem on your mind right before bed, generally you can get the solution through sleeping - that's a very good form of dream work.
our mind works on it through the night and if you can remember it in the morning, bingo! there ya go.
many great minds have either written music, poetry, books and invented things through dreaming.

Y! acquaintance: ]yeah im convinced the greatest poetry slips by me every time i awake
i always have something in my mind just as i wake up
and then poof.... reality
goldmourn: pen & paper! before you even open your eyes! right beside your bed!
Y! acquaintance: never work its gone
goldmourn: crap.
well, if it helps any, i don't have words at all - asleep or awake anymore! not that my lack of writing should make you feel better, ha.
Y! acquaintance: ahh im more of the poetry of life nowadays
goldmourn: really? ah. my poem, if it were a poem of life at the moment, would waver between leonard cohen and anne sexton. i want more pablo neruda and adrienne rich.
Y! acquaintance: but should we always look to the past
goldmourn: there are some great writers right now - i like andreas gripp - hopefully i'll be exposed to more new writers soon.
Y! acquaintance: yeah but im so conditioned to be a snob to new writers i hate that about myself
im aware of it and still cant stop it
pulitzers dance in my head
goldmourn: it's natural but i know what you mean - i know of some who will not read anything past the 1900's - ha, what a shame.
Y! acquaintance: i aint that bad but its a thing i work on
goldmourn: That's good to be aware of it! but it's also good to know or have your own tastes.
Y! acquaintance: sure i draw my lines i love modern art but i will burn alive before i say basquiat is a genius but pollock thats very different
goldmourn: hahaha
and i have no education to know the difference so i really just think, 'do i like this or not?' - personally, i'm relieved that i haven't been taught much, so that i can learn for myself!
less bias!
Y! acquaintance: absolutely
Tags: dreams & nightmares, internet convos

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