goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

get your shit together

[12:31] hippieartmanfriend*: i think you should get your shit together and go grant hunting
artists grants
and stuff
[12:31] goldmourn: I don't have any artistic things going for me, honestly.
[12:32] hippieartmanfriend: im not sure what it is you do exactly but i think its really good and even more so very individual and fresh
the photos and the journal stuff
its just a slight bend from being art
i think its your perspective
if you started to see it the way i do it would be
[12:33] goldmourn: perhaps...
Maybe once things are less stressful, or at least, when I make it through this process, I could do that. Right now I just don't have the confidence for it.
[12:35] hippieartmanfriend: i understand
keep documenting then
thats my advice
[12:36] goldmourn: I will. Something will come of it, hopefully something good, in time.
[12:36] hippieartmanfriend: im sure of it
[12:37] goldmourn: Thank you for your positivity.
[12:38] hippieartmanfriend: youre one of my favorite people
i see lots of promise and a bright future for you
[12:38] goldmourn: Awww, that's lovely of you to say! Thank you so much. That means a lot.
[12:39] hippieartmanfriend: hey, im not like making it up for you, its been there before i showed up, i can see it is all
[12:39] goldmourn: I hope one day that I will see it too.

* not his real screen name
Tags: internet convos

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