goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

we are time

As time historian Barbara Adam states simply, “We are time,” moving to the rhythms of life within and all around us, or not. The smallest indivisible unit of this time, this internally experienced time as life, is neither the minute nor the nanosecond. It is rhythm itself: rhythm in relationships. Intuitively, we know this and acknowledge it when we talk of biorhythms and someone falling into step with others or rejoining a conversation 'without missing a beat.”

The foundations of human time, to this day, are not found in the tick-tocking of the clock but in the pulse of life flowing between people and within the body. Time is anchored in the beat of the heart and its systolic (compression) and diastolic (relaxation) phases.


Clock time is altogether separate from the body and the actual experience of life; yet Mumford says, it has become the new “medium of existence,” the way in which much of life is experienced. Disconnected from the rhythms and events of real life, clock time is also infinitely divisible and compressible into shorter and shorter “timelines.”

source: all of the above is from No Time Stress and the Crisis of Modern Life by Heather Menzies
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