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Writer's Block: I'm The Boss

If you had the resources to start your own business, what would it be?

I answered this question before in response to a Facebook friend's "Question" (though it was worded, 'what is your dream job?') and this is what I had written:

I'd like to incorporate my various intense interests. For a long while I've thought of having a store / cafe with books, music, zines, art & a relaxing atmosphere - somewhere in downtown Toronto (or anywhere) where creative people come by and add to it making it more.

To add to that, I would like to be able to write and take photographs and publish a literary publication that promotes unknown artists - that's part of the first part of my dream job. Something creative, productive and that can grow beyond myself.

Other things I'd like to possibly make of it:
* host independent artists, poetry readings, community-related activism meetings, workshops for learning (lost / new) skills, for self-reliance (boy could I benefit from that!) and self-expression.
* resource center (at least a small section) with materials from various activist organizations or groups that people can become involved in to make a difference, whether within the city or globally.
* comfortable chairs. seats also at the coffee / tea / smoothie drink bar. might have fantastic sandwiches and treats. i'd like the place to be vegetarian. must also have the best chocolate ever. the emphasis is not on food so much as high quality drinks. good products. fresh. satisfying.
* maybe a big table at the back (or on another level) where people can set up their laptops, do homework, geek out or collaborate on creative projects.
* booths where mini-art shows can be going on. section off zines, books, music, whatever it is I've got in the store. make it a place of wonder somehow. a unique venue. offer something different. be willing to initiate new ideas.
* get local artists to paint the front windows / door weekly with something interesting!
* be open late. perhaps even after the bars close late. serve no alcoholic beverages (except for 'art shows' or whatever, maybe) and give people an alternative to typical night scene.
* connected to local groups that make a positive difference within the community. inspire people to become involved and pay it forward.
* allow me to learn more about things that I have an interest in (discovering new music, art, books and so forth through contacts) and share it with others - this would prevent boredom and create a continuous cycle of new & old discoveries.
* get the right people working in the place who know more than I do about things so that the store / place / center / whatever it is could actually become a success.
* map on the wall to show people where other fantastic local stores or small businesses are in the area that may be of interest to the customer / visitor.
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