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goldmourn (10/10/2007 6:40:27 PM)

my teacher, the Tai Chi teacher, has taught me more than the Reiki one did.
i may take extra classes with her after this school term is done, one day a week (i think Tuesdays) in the mornings. Just up until January when I'll be in college full-time.
I will still be taking it on Tuesday nights too until that's done, but i want extra time with her, if i have the opportunity.


i've just learned so much from this woman.
maybe i just feel like she's made a connection of sorts.
she is a very good teacher, for one. and she goes around to each person. helps you reposition. but she teaches in such a way as well with a sense of humor. but respectful and such. and she is insightful.
she knows i want to learn about the self defense aspect, so he has leaned in to me and explained to me why i would stance this particular way - to block this or that -
and she said she missed me last week, which is something some teachers would say, but she came up to me and said so in such a way, it meant a lot.

Cliff (10/10/2007 6:43:40 PM): that's great
she feels you're there
and notices when you're not

goldmourn (10/10/2007 6:43:49 PM): yes.
oh yes.
i was very noticeable in previous classes. this week i was quiet though.
but she still noticed me.
it's a big class, and there's not a lot of room to really do the moves with the way people are situated (on their own). There is also another guy in the class who has been taking Tai chi since December with her and he will often lead the session sometimes while she walks around and checks us and gives help...
she sees so much. she's an older woman - i would guess she might even be 70 ish?
(she seems ageless. she may be younger. or older!)


i feel so right doing it. i am going to learn these moves. and yoga is probably not far off for me.... i could probably do it.
this is good for now though. this is wonderful, in fact. and i feel the chi like the guy had described. it was during break and women were surrounding him, asking him about how long he's been taking it and so forth.
and then they were talking about how the teacher talks about feeling the chi - and they didn't get what she was talking about - and then he explained - and i was silent listening
and the women haven't yet quite felt it but I knew exactly what he meant when he said it feels tingly for him - but that it can feel warm or pressure for others - i feel tingly when i'm in the flow of it...
it's a great feeling. no wonder so many people do it. i'd love to someday be able to do the moves i saw on this one television show --- it's one where there's this grandmaster and he teaches with a girl and they move together but in position that is like an opponent - flow flow block block - it's a beautiful dance.


anyway, as i've said a zillion times now, i'm very happy to be learning Tai Chi. It's something I've wanted to learn from a teacher for a long time.
And it makes me feel happy.

the end.
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