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I was tagged for this meme likely a few months ago now. Finally, finally, finally, I've finished it.

Comment on this post. I will choose 6 interests from your profile and you will explain what each of them means (and why you're interested in them). If you comment and don't want to do it, just let me know.

gryffyn gave me these ones: walt wingfield, building forts, learning & unlearning, chocolate and cherries, astral travel, malkovich malkovich malkovich. (here)

walt wingfield Walt Wingfield is a fictional character created by Dan Needles and is a series of one-man plays starring Rod Beattie, who, "plays all the characters, employing changes in voice or facial expression to denote which character he is playing." I'm not in the mood to link to every quote but I thought it would be simpler to explain it that way than to fumble with it myself. The writing is, of course, incredible, but Rod Beattie's performance as Wingfield just does it for me. There's an old article review (linked here!) that echoes my own thought which says, "It's hard to imagine "The Wingfield Trilogy" without Beattie," and an earlier quotes says:

"The premise behind the trilogy is simple in the extreme. Each play is framed by a local newspaper editor (Beattie, of course), who tells of a Toronto stockbroker named Walt Wingfield who has traded his pinstripes for a farm. Wingfield is supposedly sending in a weekly letter to the local paper, telling of his everyday trials and torments. A well-meaning but inept farmer, his gently satirical musings are full of self-deprecating wit.

The appeal of this "agri-odyssey" is reminiscent of Garrison Keillor's "Prairie Home Companion." Nothing much happens. Walt's letters describe his meeting several strange but kind neighbors -- a windfall of memorable rural eccentrics. Walt's horses refuse to plow. His turkeys die. The farm struggles. People help him out. An urban developer is dispatched back to the city in a load of manure. Walt almost packs it all in but instead hangs tough. Life churns along. And audiences lap it up."

My dad has attended various theatre performances over the years and many years back, he bought a copy of the first play in the series and I sat down to watch it with him. I've loved Walt ever since. So imagine how happy I was that I was able to see a performance live in Stratford, Ontario on July 30th, 2005!

building forts I answered this before over here and so I'm just going to copy & paste as the answer is still applicable.

When I was just a girl, I loved building forts. I had a bunk bed which made it very easy to create a fort (or boat or ship or anything I wanted it to be) but I would also turn my room into one, practically,with bedsheets & blankets & things that would form walls & hiding places. I liked building forts outside too. I loved building something - shelter, a base camp, a fort - I still like building forts; think that I just might turn my bedroom into one, ha!

(I have yet to turn my bedroom into a fort).

learning & unlearning I think this is something I continually am doing, in some cases, whether I want to or not. Mostly though, this is about being able to let go of what I think I know, of what I've been taught, of what I no longer need to hold onto (tied very much to the ongoing process of letting go) while also being open to learning through life experiences and inner journeys into my inner self. Sometimes I'm good at this sort of thing, other times, not. It's easier at different times to have the mindset and I guess that brings me back around to the continual cycle of learning and unlearning.

chocolate and cherries This is a personal reference between piscesgirl123 and I. We met through myspace when I was in my Wiccan identification period (now I am not classified as anything and lean more toward just trying to be open to the universal interconnectedness thing. That's not to say that I don't still practice certain 'wiccan' identifiable things, I just don't feel it is the only way for me). Anyway, none of that has anything to do with chocolate and cherries. That's just a thing Therese and I came up with during our early IM conversations when we realized how much we could relate to one another through our experiences and interests. We're still in touch now & then (one of the few LJ friends I've also talked with on the phone) and I hope to someday hang out with her in person, having been online friends for a few years now.

Heck, I'd like to meet all of my longtime LJ friends someday, ya know? It's my hope that when & where there are opportunities to do so, that we take them, if possible.

astral travel Something I used to do a lot when I was a child. I flew out of my body all the time. Sometimes, I hovered just above, or flailed about just beneath my bedroom ceiling. This led to me going out the window and outside over houses, trees... places both familiar and new. There were time periods where I just couldn't go that high. There was never no Falcor in the clouds experience. I also used to go to different places, far away, and sometimes I would not be alone. And then there was a day where I was pinned down and forgot how to fly.

malkovich malkovich malkovich I was given this meme a long time ago and when I first started to write a response, I decided to wikipedia John Malkovich so that I could link him. Somewhere on the page is a quote, "In fact he's so right-wing you have to wonder if he's kidding." This surprised me for some reason. I'm so left wing that I've got to be kidding. But ah, this does not take away at all my long-standing crush with this man. When I was able to watch the film 'Being John Malkovich' I thought it was both brilliant, unique and just plain awesome that he would be in it AND play 'himself'. "malkovich malkovich malkovich is from a scene where John, in the film, has gone into the portal tunnel into his own head and everyone in it is himself and the only word they speak is "malkovich" in their conversations. Afterward, he says:

John Malkovich: This portal is mine and must be sealed up forever. For the love of God.
Craig Schwartz: With all respect, sir, I discovered that portal. Its my livelihood.
John Malkovich: It's my head, Schwartz, and I'll see you in court!
[Malkovich trudges off along the shoulder of the turnpike]
Craig Schwartz: [calling after him] And who's to say I won't be seeing what you're seeing... in court?

I am always so happy (and sometimes surprised) whenever I see John in a film. And yes, I've thought him sexy, even when I was a teenager. I'm not the only one to think so, right?

Now, here's a photograph of what was on my bedroom door just before I moved out at the age of 17. John Malkovich is posing in a fashion ad. (He has his own clothing design company, interesting, non?)

See, this malkovich thing goes way back for me. Malkovich malkovich malkovich!


There. I followed through with something. Miracles do happen.
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