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{microblog} 02 June to 07 June 2007

I hopped on the twitter bandwagon recently. I like it. I find myself using it in place of the LJ text message feature. I thought I'd gather up my posts from the 2nd of June to my most recent one sent at 11:15pm on Thursday, June 7th, 2007 --- one way of updating readers of my LJ with some of what's been going on with me. If you're on twitter too, please do add me & I will add you back.

02 June 2007 to 07 June 2007

Feeling stalkerish now that I've signed up for this site. Listening to music. Loading today's photos into Picassa.
11:58 PM June 02, 2007 from web

petting my cat Hagrid with my foot. listening to music. looking at photos from today stil. they don't make sense.
12:51 AM June 03, 2007 from web

oh man. spelling mistakes forever in my feeds. great. yet another way to look stupid on the internets.
12:52 AM June 03, 2007 from web

this is a bad idea for obsessive compulsives.
12:53 AM June 03, 2007 from web

i'm thinking of going for a bike ride. to a swingset. in the middle of the night. again. because that's what i like to do.
01:43 AM June 03, 2007 from web

returned from myride through the city, birds waking, cellphone convo w/ a best friend on the swing for an hour, 3 turns round the monkeybar.
05:22 AM June 03, 2007 from web

just woke up - didn't pull any muscles but i did have matthew's 'born losers' song singing in my head before i opened my eyes...
01:46 PM June 03, 2007 from web

put the coffee on. get dressed. pack for the overnight stay @ Dad's. listen to music & catch up on LJ friends. read the news. stop.
02:08 PM June 03, 2007 from web

well, i made the coffee. talked on the phone w/ my dear friend Allen. he shared self defense moves. not dressed. hung up my clean laundry.
04:41 PM June 03, 2007 from web

Dad phoned. I'll be staying there overnight. Tomorrow is my pulmonary function appt @ the hospital. Packing paper journal, camera, book.
05:08 PM June 03, 2007 from web

Testing my Twitter from my cellphone - 1, 2, 3.
05:47 PM June 03, 2007 from txt

I'm on a comfy tree swing in my Dad's backyard. Spun round so fast, made me dizzy, laugh. This tree is beautiful. Hear raindrops & birds.
07:49 PM June 03, 2007 from txt

Walking about Glencoe for the first time since I moved away in Oct 2005 - dad is reading the Canadian paperback of LOTR & probably worrying.
11:42 PM June 03, 2007 from txt

Barefoot on cement in a skate park - not a swingset or monkeybars but it'll do. Watched Tomb Raider & it made me wish I were things I'm not.
12:07 AM June 04, 2007 from txt

Decapitation is not a viable plan, man.
12:46 AM June 04, 2007 from txt

Going to try and sleep here @ Dad's. I miss The Lion & The Hagrid. Walking back: stopped short of frog in my direct path. What does it mean?
01:01 AM June 04, 2007 from txt

Awake. Drinking coffee. Watching 2nd Tomb Raider film. Going to hospital appt this morning.
06:48 AM June 04, 2007 from txt

I'm allergic to this house.
01:17 AM June 04, 2007 from txt

In the van w/dad & uncle fred en route to London (Ont) for pulmonary test & 3rd chest x-ray. Passing farmhouses & fields. Scars in my lungs.
08:51 AM June 04, 2007 from txt

Well, that was no fun. // worst. blow job. ever. // pulmonary test - not my idea of a good time.
10:54 AM June 04, 2007 from txt

Coconut playing on van stereo. Going home. Almost popped a rib for what? Asthma. Waste of my time. Small lung capacity thanks to my twin.
02:01 PM June 04, 2007 from txt

Home. My cats still love me. I gots the asthma. Again, what a waste of time. Such a big deal for a stupid thing. But my weight is down!
02:28 PM June 04, 2007 from web

uploading digital photographs of countryside from yesterday. fred pulled over for me & I snapped away. listening to music, feeling thankful.
04:15 PM June 04, 2007 from web

maybe it's just a point of make believe that you're actually connecting with other people as you sit in isolation. reachingout w/o movement.
04:20 PM June 04, 2007 from web

I like twitter. I like the positive potential of it. it's what we make of it. expression. motivation. connection relating & sharing ...
07:09 PM June 04, 2007 from web

Watching 'Cola Conquest' on The Documentary Channel. Lion is knocking remote controls off sidetable while Hagrid impersonates a shag carpet.
02:05 AM June 05, 2007 from txt

things happen when you don't think you're ready but someone must think you are, right? time for me to hit the streets for work.whatiwanted?
09:29 AM June 05, 2007 from web

rewrote the notes (logbook of sorts) that I'm keeping during this time of change. organizational skills are a good thing. lots to do.
12:47 PM June 05, 2007 from web

Listening to computer fans & wondering what to do next. I've done what I can do today. Don't panic. Remain calm. Pet cats. Drink water.
01:01 PM June 05, 2007 from web

Met w/ work advisor . we'll appeal. I present myself well & should not forsake the opportunity w/o taking steps. Meditate. Mediate. Breathe.
11:16 AM June 05, 2007 from web

Being on medication for anxiety & prone to bouts of agoraphobia, this situation would be a trigger. I'm doing fairly well considering...
11:33 AM June 05, 2007 from web

There's no security in the material. Part of me wanted this. To see what would happen if I let go. Will I fly or fall? Then, will I stand?
11:35 AM June 05, 2007 from web

I'm in bed with a book. The book is near the pillow beside me and we're laying close together in the dark. I wish it'd read itself to me.
10:02 PM June 05, 2007 from txt

Gore Vidal on The Hour - quite interesting. I would like to read some of his works - seems brilliant. Off to my 1st appt of the day.
08:21 AM June 06, 2007 from txt

Doctor Who comes back to CBC on June 18th!
08:23 AM June 06, 2007 from txt

Long day & I'm trying not to get discouraged. I've made it through worse. Practice grateftulness & patience.
04:05 PM June 06, 2007 from txt

Practice how to spell grateful.
04:06 PM June 06, 2007 from txt

04:19 PM June 06, 2007 from txt

making plans to get out of town for awhile. flee to the Arizona desert. meet an old friend. could leave as early as next week! vacationtime.
07:41 PM June 06, 2007 from web

Listening to & watching really bad karaoke in one of the many bars of St. Thomas, Ontario.
about 24 hours ago from txt

home alone. going to bed withi a book could always be worse.
about 23 hours ago from web

better to be alone when you're actually alone than to be alone with someone else, right?
about 23 hours ago from web

Paying July rent today. One thing I can put off worrying about. Wearing bangles & they jangle. Breeze is lifting garbage up - wind carry me.
about 10 hours ago from txt

look out your window and I'll be gone - you're the reason I'm a-travelin' on - but don't think twice, it's all right.
about 8 hours ago from web

the difference between a man and a woman - one must use discretion in sexual matters, the other must brag. Stupid, stupid. It's all flesh.
about 3 hours ago from web

Traffic light pulses like a heart monitor. Standing under rustling leaves, unlocked bike, no hurry to go. myheart makes time w/streetlights.
about 1 hour ago from txt
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