goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

poem: That was us.

That was us.

Nothing is here. Nothing is there. (here or there)
I can't see you or myself or who I used to be and
all of these reflections show nothing --- (nothing).

There was a time that each place,
each part --- of me / you --- where
every window, every glass (broken)
reflected everything that was us.

That was us.

- adp, 05 April 2007

This is my first piece of writing in a long while. I was terrified of writing. Sure enough, my improv was craptastic, but I revised it and came up with the above, which is at least something.

From the topic: "Reflections", AOL improv poetry tag chatroom.

goldmourn: Nothing is there.
goldmourn: I can't see you
goldmourn: or myself or who I used to be
goldmourn: when there was a time that every place
goldmourn: each window, each mirror, each piece of glass
goldmourn: showed me everything that was us - all i knew.
goldmourn: .
goldmourn: end. sorry. i can't do this yet.
Tags: poetry & prose

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