goldmourn (amberdawnpullin) wrote,

Every new day is a chance to turn it around.

Excerpt from

When the machine consumes more than it produces then it is a machine meant for destruction, not creation. When good ideas need guns and missiles to promote them, then what ever led you to believe that they were good ideas?

If we are this empty, then you have the rest of your life to figure out one simple thing – what is so dangerous about being full?

Making a difference in the world starts at only one place: with you. And despite the distractions that would have you believe otherwise, there is no convenient alternative. It is neither easy nor without risk, financially rewarding or at all popular. But then, nothing worth doing ever has been.

Every new day is a chance to turn it around. Maybe tomorrow will be your first day. Maybe tomorrow you’ll just start to think about it a little more and, in time, might find yourself a little closer than you’d previously been. Either way, we are all individually responsible for making that choice, just as we are all equally responsible for our collective failure.

But never let it be forgot, nor its import disregarded; the willful ignorance of the people is the most powerful military weapon in the world.

- Matthew Good

* Technically a caption from a webpage but it's written well enough that it ought to be in a book, eh?
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