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Got my ears pierced, repierced nipples with barbells and right arm wrist tattoo today.

edited to add: The first photo is of my friend Teresa, who I met through Ada. Tressa (seems to be the way we pronounce her name) went in with me on the impulsive act, getting her monroe done (though she'll be switching to a smaller ball) and it was good to share company with her for a time this afternoon. She even put up with me while I did my important banking stuff (received severence pay) and I feel relieved that I was able to take care of so many things that had been hanging over me, while at the same time spoil myself and others a little. My second period teacher let me out of class (because I wasn`t really there, if you know what I mean, after having not been able to go to the funeral...) and so I shared time with close friends instead. Getting out into the nice weather and distracting myself with the piercings & tattoo seemed a good idea to me - I can understand why some people really get into this sort of thing. Anyway, I was all over the place, mentally & emotionally speaking, and it was more obviously evident. Unrelated thought, being over in that part of the city today had me really looking forward to my upcoming move all the more.

Teresa @ Underground Ink

365 Days: Day 70

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