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you're right, I do need to get over myself... & so do you!

I was reluctant to post the 365 Days project photos in my journal too often and this is part of the reason(s) why. The official 'rules' and explanation of the project can be read on the flickr group page: and it articulates the idea much better than I will.

For those who think my journal is just about self portraits (for those who think my journal is, um, all about me???) I wanted to clarify that on the 29th of December I began participating in a flickr project to take a photo of oneself every day for, well, 365 Days. Everyone has their own reasons for doing it and some of mine are: to learn self-acceptance, self-love, to try and see myself in a different / realistic / natural / somewhat more positive way. Another is to see if there are changes day to day or over a certain length of time (in various ways) and the other is so that I could hopefully use some creativity (terribly lacking lately, but it's still early in the year and hopefully that will change).

Then again, if you just want to think I should get over myself (as perhaps I well should, and so should you - and you and you and you) than that's okay, too.
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