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I was inspired to write something after realizing that I'd completely misheard a Matthew Good lyric. I took it personally when I realized how far off the mark I was! although I've decided that I'll keep my internalized interpretation anyway because I felt it, ya know?

Speaking of Mr. Good, he's been in the studio recording a new album and seeing as how he is my most favourite musician ever - voice, lyrics, composition, musical genius, his fat head* - I'm very much looking forward to it. If you haven't heard him before, I recommend you check him out. There's a reason he's #1 on my

* not as dirty as it sounds, i swear!
Song: We're So Heavy
Album: White Light Rock & Roll Review
By: Matthew Good
Lyric: "How can you love Jove Drusilla and forsake Rome?"
Misheard: "How can you love Drusilla and forsake her?"

(my thoughts about the lyric back in January)
i always related that line, 'how can you love drusilla and forsake her?' to the BtVS series where Spike choses Buffy over her. and it took on the meaning for me of how dru is mentally ill (she was before she was 'turned' into a vampire, though she also had the 'the sight') and I guess for me personally it related because when I was really sick (thinking of stepping in front of transport trucks or going to the railway tracks sick) it felt like that because of people who said they loved or were supposed to love me and yet had pretty much cast me aside because I wasn't functioning normally anymore.

i may have even misheard the line.  but that's what it translated to for me.  and i didn't look up the meaning anywhere on the internets because i kind of like having that personal interpretation.
written today:

what you take from someone
when you make your interpretation
turns out to be nothing, nothing
like what they said or meant at all

but you believed it, every bit you took
the words you turned, you made into
your own experience and none of it
i mean none of it - happened at all

speak to me in simple terms
in phrases I will understand
or better yet we'll just pretend
none of this happened at all

better yet, we'll just pretend
none of this happened at all.

- 10 February 2007
Tags: poetry & prose

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