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LJ Interests: 3

LJ Interests: 3

  1. abandoned places: I have a fascination with abandoned places. There's something about knowing that people used to be there - live & work & breathe & love & fight & eat & sleep together - the evidence that someone came this way before you, like standing in a cemetery or shadowing fresh footprints in the snow.
  2. doctor who: The music theme IS nostalgia for me. My favourite doctor growing up was Tom Baker (the one who wore the scarf!) and I remember watching the show with my dad, along with shows like 'Punky Brewster', 'Fraggle Rock' and 'Hogan's Heroes'. My interest was renewed with the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston, who was fantastic!) and my love is sealed with David Tennant.

    Hopefully, with Tennant, the show will continue on again for awhile. I watch the show on CBC, sometimes the same episode twice in a row in the same night thanks to time shifting, an appropriate term, given the subject!
  3. moonlight: On the far too rare night where I'm wandering about, the moonlight can be like a shot of adrenalin, a reinvigorating power force. Standing in moonlight returns me to my most true and deepest self.
  4. self portraits: I am on a quest to accept and understand myself and part of this will be done with photographs. Why is it that we are often at war with our bodies? Why do we even attribute the term 'war' to the physical form that carries our very being? I want to develop to the point where I no longer punish my mind or abuse my body for what it is not, but embrace it for what it is.
  5. text messages: I have unlimited text messages on my cellphone account. Feel free to spam me if you're ever so bored. Now and then, I text message post to my journal. Often, I am able to express myself more completely with the limit of 124 characters than an indepth & long-winded journal entry, go figure!
  6. the daily show: My favourite show this year. A few weeks ago I had a dream that featured both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, lucky me!
  7. train tracks: memories of trekking all over this city with my dad. taking short cuts by taking the tracks. balance act on rails. counting ties like sidewalk squares. the way two separate lines inevitably come together where earth meets a distant skyline.
  8. trees: I miss using this 1999 photo as a background image.
  9. waking life: I had a friend once who told me that the worst mistake that you can make is to think you are alive, when you’re really asleep in life’s waiting room. The trick is to combine your waking rational abilities with the infinite possibilities of your dreams. ‘Cause if you can do that you can do anything. Did you ever have a job that you hated? Worked really hard at? A long, hard day at work, finally you get to go home, get in bed, close your eyes, and immediately you wake up and realize that the whole day at work had been a dream? It’s bad enough that you sell your waking life for … for minimum wage, but now they get your dreams for free. - Waking Life

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