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cemeteries & trees

Last night I dreamed that neitherday and I were doing a bristol board project together of our life path which was an impossible task because we don't live in regular time. How could anyone chart a forward & back & side to side erratic path? Or one that does forward & back at the same time? What about the fact that we were doing one bristol board for two persons? Confusing all the more, I suppose, if you don't understand how it makes perfect sense.

Later in the dream, I'm outside in a beautiful setting of rolling green hills with a misty cemetery and elaborate old gravestones marking the field. I could see sunshine across the open meadow, splashing the distant trees with soft light. I was standing near the the sunken small fence and thinking about those trees. This was about the time where I noticed that I was holding postcards in my hands. I was told that they were from a project where people would send in photographs of trees. Most of them had me somewhere in the photograph, not close up but somewhere on it, but I looked especially at the artistic quality of ones that I wasn't in. I looked at close-ups of layered autumn leaves on an old forest floor, patches of a backyard garden, butterflies and light on the trunks of old trees. Lovely to look at those photographs and postcards, knowing that other people had explored those wild areas, those places of nature, and noticed the beauty of quiet spaces.
Tags: dreams & nightmares

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