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LJ Interests: 2

LJ Interests: 2

  1. books:
    I have piles of books. At this time, more books than shelves. Since I moved here minus a few bookshelves, the linen closet has been stuffed full of books. I miss having books along the walls and it doesn't seem right not having them set out in personalized order. One of the things I'd like to do is toss the couches and line the wall with some bookshelves instead. (mmm bookshelves) I'd like to read more books. These days I'm more often leafing through news articles online than the pages of a book. I'm going to balance that out in the new year.
  2. crayola crayons:
    I've got a bucket of crayola crayons. When I was going through my worst time, I found comfort in drawing colorful blobs on large page and taping it to the front door of my old apartment. I'd color until my hands hurt. I'm not talented when it comes to coloring but there is some deep rooted psychological therapy in it for me. As for collecting crayola crayons, I imagine it has to do with not having that quality of crayon when I was young. Or maybe it's because they're so awesome.
  3. fight club:
    You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.
  4. investigative journalism:
    This is what I had wanted to do after high school. The plan was that I would graduate early and attend Humber College in Toronto. I ended up working in a factory for 10 years instead. I still like investigative journalism (I dig documentaries and reports on television) but I would never want to become a reporter now, not after learning more about the business of media.
  5. maps:
    I like maps.
  6. philosophy:
    I think we ought always to entertain our opinions with some measure of doubt. I shouldn't wish people dogmatically to believe any philosophy, not even mine. - Bertrand Russell
  7. rocks and stones:
    Jars of them. I like the pretty polished stones as well as the ones I've picked up from the shoulders of roads, schoolyards and streets. Someday I'll get myself a rock tumbler & polisher and shine a few of them up but I think they're beautiful either way.
  8. solitude:
    I spend a lot of my time alone. Sure, I get lonely, but I have to admit that I've always liked my solitude. It's something I miss when I'm in a suffocating relationship or not getting enough time to myself. There's something to be said for quiet reflection and the ability to find solace in your own company.
  9. the tragically hip:
    If I do one of those "2006 Year In Review" entries, there will definitely be mention of 'The Tragically Hip' and how I was able to see them perform live in October.
  10. zines:
    Due to the way this meme is set up, I think that zines will always be the last one on the list. I'm going to switch it up next time. Earlier this evening I was looking through a folder at old copies of my own "zine". I printed it from May 1997 to 2001. I can't believe that many years have already passed since I last put one together. I've had one in the works for a long time. I should stop putting it off. It would feel good to put something out there again.

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